Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Smooth moves...

I did it.

I made a smoothie.

Not only that, but I DRANK said smoothie just like it said on my meal plan.

I'll admit, it gave me the gaggy heebie jeebies, but I'm trying to broaden my scope of "acceptable" foods and this is one I have always WANTED to like.  I like everything IN a smoothie.  I just have trouble with it all blended up and drinkable.

Again, let's remind the reading public of my weird taste bud OCD issues.

The smoothie situation came about after reading a recipe for "Freezer Smoothies".  This person, who is apparently brilliant, makes a batch of smoothies and then freezes them.  When she wants one, she either takes it and thaws it in the fridge over night or just brings it along to work with her and it's thawed by lunch time. 

See, I told you....brilliant!

Out came the blender last night and in went peaches, frozen strawberries, a banana, milk and honey.  Two containers of the concoction went into the freezer for future testing and the little leftover bit went into the fridge for me to have this morning.

And I did.

Clearly, with the gagging and drama, it wasn't my FAVORITE thing ever, but it wasn't as awful as that description makes it sound either.  I have texture issues and that's what was to blame.  The flavor was actually really nice.  I sort of suspect the banana as the culprit in the texture issue.  More exploration will have to be done at a future date.

For now though, I'm totally taking this one as a victory!

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