Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ahhhh.....that's more like it....

After two weeks off, I finally got back to seeing my therapist today. 


That's just what I needed. 

I was so excited to get back to seeing her that I even made up a list of things I wanted to be sure to tell her in case I got so confused that I forgot everything.  I called them "successes and challenges" because, well, I knew if I said failures I'd get corrected.  ;) 

We talked through the last two weeks and touched on what I felt went well:  The awesome family vacation, turning down Mexico, Inviting people to come with on my birthday celebration knowing they might decline, buying new clothes without a barrage of negativity about my body, volunteering at the kid's church camp, trying new foods/smoothies.  We talked about where I was feeling challenges:  body image on vacation was weird, some anxiety issues and how they're a gateway to food issues, getting over being sick again.  We talked about my goals for the week and she was super excited about the idea of goal setting.

I love my therapist.  She's such a cheerleader but in a totally sincere way.  She celebrates small acheivements that I previously would have deisregarded as not "enough".  She challenges my ED all over the place and pushes me to think past the limitation of my ED.  She makes me feel "normal". 

So thankful.

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