Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the interest of full disclosure....

I'm still struggling a smidge this morning.  I don't want to paint this process as something it's not.  I know I tend to have a positive spin on things but that's sort of my natural outlook.  So, in an effort to not gloss over some of these fluctuations, I'll just be honest.

I wasn't hungry until right this minute.  If you read last night's post, there was some overeating and impulses that I check in check once I noticed them.  I woke up full - obviously, given what I ate yesterday.  And I was content in not eating breakfast with the justification that over doing it last night evened out not eating this morning.  Especially since my body wasn't asking for more food, right?

Well, the first little hunger pangs hit about three minutes ago and my response was, "Well, you still shouldn't eat anything.  You had plenty yesterday."


So yeah, that voice is still there.  That voice of food as atonement/punishment.  Now I'm going to scramble to find something to eat before I leave for work to try knock that voice off balance and show it that eating food, even if it follows a big meal the day before is OK.

Then maybe it will shut its damn mouth.

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