Thursday, August 18, 2011

People....people who need....people....

It started with a call from the billing office wondering why I haven't paid anything on my account....ever....since my first DOS in March.

Well, as I chronicaled months ago, my insurance is a mess and hasn't yet been resolved.  Which was adeptly handled by someone at the program.  Except she didn't note it in my account in such a way to avoid this call coming out.

So, I launch into the saga.  Kind of thinking, "Man I wish this was in my account so I wouldn't have to explain it again!" but whatever.  Thankfully I'm organized and all the EOBs are together and my bills and my notes from phone conversations.  If you're ever in treatment, I can't stress enough how important it is to look at your EOBs and note conversations.  They're confusing and a pain in the ass, but it's likely you'll need to reference it or there will be a question or a mistake and you'll want all that handy.

Anyway.  The lady was understandably confused - she's just the billing lady and wants the money.  But it had been agreed that I shouldn't pay on anything until the mess was resolved.  She understood that but I decided to just go ahead and pay for my very first visit as a sign of good faith and that would make her happy and I mean, I WILL need to pay this bill at some point so it's ultimately fine.

But then it was time to follow up to some mystery notes on my recent EOBs.  First I left a message for the HR guy at my husband's employer to get back to me with an update.  It was going so well and I think it just got shoved to the sidelines.  It would be more urgent to me if I didn't already know I have my nutrition services adjusted, but still.  Let's just get this done.

Then I called my "Client Care Advocate" at the program I'm receiving treatment through.  Bless her heart.....I love her.  Because she exists, I never need to call the bitchy lady at my insurance company again regarding treatment or the idiots at the mental health benefits place.  She does all that.  And she's NICE.  Even when she's telling me that the bitch at the insurance company told her to "stay on top of her job" despite it being an error on the INSURANCE COMPANY'S END.

I cry when I get angry so I can just picture what a mess these conversations would be if I had to handle them.  And it's just so much better to have the program call the insurance people anyway.  They know what info they need better than I do.  ALthough at this point I'm pretty well versed in the ways of insurance.'s just really really wonderful to have an advocate.  Again she has ridden in and saved the day.  All companies should have this.  It makes such a difference.  As I said in the early posts about the mess, I wouldn't be getting the level of care I need without her helping advocate for me.  Sometimes it just takes someone else to get it done.

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