Sunday, August 21, 2011

More work on the Values Assessment Homework....

Oy.  I'm not even going to try predict how this will go.  But I know I need to do it, so JUMPING IN!

#1.  Marriage/couples/intimate relations:  In this section, write down a description of the person you would like to be in an intimate relationship.  Write down the quality of the relationship you would like to have.  Try to focus on your role in that relationship.
I would like to be a trusting partner in an intimate relationship. Trusting in myself to be open and available and trusting that the other person in the relationship won't disappoint me.  I would like to be kind and understanding and someone the other person looks forward to seeing and spending time with - that I'm important for who I am and what I bring to the relationship as a person.  The quality of the relationship I would like to have is one of warmth and safety.  I want to feel like we take care of each other and can rely on each other and support each other.  The cliche "soft place to land".  My values in this domain are trust and support.

#2.  Family Relations:  In this sections, describe the type of brother/sister, son/daughter, you want to be.  Describe the qualities you would want to have in those relationships.  Describe how you would treat the other people if you were the ideal you in these various relationships.
I want to be the type of family member that they look forward to seeing and spending time with.  I want to be the sister who can be allowed to be different and unique.  I want to be the daughter who is trusted as capable in her own way of doing things.  I want to feel loved and unconditionally supported and supported by my family and not judged or spoken about negatively.  If I were the ideal me, I would treat the other people in my family a lot like I do now.  My values in this domain are unconditional love and support.

#10.  Health/physical well-being:  In this section, include your values related to maintaining your physical well-being.  Write about health-related issues such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, taking medication and so forth.
I would like to be able to regain physical well-being in a way that isn't obsessive or wrapped in fear of judgment.  I would like to regain physical well-being to be a role model for health for my daughter and for those around me who know how crazy of a journey finding physical well-being has been for me.  I would like to be more physically well to be around and share my love and talents with the strongest tools I can and to incorporate my physical well-being as a tool of positivity rather than the focus of the negative.  Areas in which I still could see improvement are sleep, nutrition and exercise.  Practicing to see them as ways to be more healthy rather than ways to punish and control.  I also need to be more proactive in tending to medical issues without the fear of judgment getting in the way to prevent illness/injury.  My values in this domain are positivity, non-judgment and practice.

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