Monday, August 22, 2011

Ice Ice Baby....

I went for another walk/run today.  With the dog.  Who I have suspicions of working for Candid Camera or something with how many times he tried to trip me and splay me out across the pavement.

It almost didn't happen.

My back has been a source of ill-repute for years now.  Too much pushing myself in dance training in college and not taking proper care.  Today it got all crazy from me cleaning and sorting papers in my office and sorting/folding the kid's school clothes.  It doesn't take much.

But, as long as the dog didn't take a crap forcing me to bend down to pick it up, I felt like a walk was manageable and a run was possible.  And it was.  I stopped when I started feeling my back and my shins telling me to chill out and didn't feel all guilty or bad for not completing the assigned training for Couch to 5K.  It will come.  I mean, I'm 235 pounds.  I'm not going to be this elite athelete on day two.  ANd the back thing and shin splits have been around longer than this weight, so I'm working on accepting them independant of each other.

Thank god for ice though when we got home.  The dog was exhausted and panting like crazy and my shins and back needed some TLC.  I did a little stretching as well and feel like some yoga tomorrow will feel dreamy.

It's a start.  Now to not get all crazy about it...

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