Saturday, March 19, 2011


Day 1 of food journalling isn't going well.

I wrote down my morning coffee with no hesitation.

It's 10:07am and I want to eat some Pringles.  And because of this food journal, all I can think about is how much I want to eat Pringles but how much I don't want to write that down and have to show it to someone.  It's like Weight Watchers x 80billion.

I know she said to just go with the flow and eat as I do but just write it down. 

I can't.


I hate this right now.

Because it's hard.

I know turning in a week's worth of eating that isn't "true" won't be of any help to anyone.  I do know that.  But it feels humiliating to me because there's so much shame attached to food for me.  Like I'm going to bring it in and just want to die on the spot.

So I'm faced with turning in my "real" food I suppose.  And I do know that that's the way they help me, but this is not a good feeling. 

I'd rather eat nothing and go in with blank paper.  :(

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  1. Oh the beloved food journal....THIS causes me great anxiety because then I would have to expose what I truly eat, even to myself and I'm afraid to look at myself on paper like that...hugs girl!