Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The large Native American with the pillow

Well, I started Zoloft.

I'm on Day 2.

So far, there's no need for the Native American mentioned in the title to come take me out.  (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest reference for those wondering!)  Despite my brain's best efforts to freak me the hell out Monday before I took my first pill, I'm OK.

I'm EXHAUSTED.  But I'm giving it all a week before I make a judgement.  You'll just have to pardon me if I fall asleep at the keyboard here.

Monday night, I could NOT fall asleep.  I wasn't totally awake but I wasn't sleeping either.  Lst night I slept.  After yawning all day long.  And this morning, I'm still exhausted.  Have I mentioned that I'm tired?  LOL 

Otherwise, I feel a little like I do after I take Benedryl.  buzzy and jittery.  Not awful, but noticeable.  I have a real dull headache, but more like sinus pressure than a full on headache.  I'm thirsty.  All within the scope of normal from what I've read and heard.

One thing I DON'T feel............that vibrating spot of anxiety in the center of my chest.


Yup.  I know I don't feel it because apparently I check in with it.  I didn't really know that until I started checking in for it and it wasn't there yesterday.  And then of course I was trying to see if I could make it get there.  Nope.  No anxious flittery vibrating chest.

THAT is an effect I could totally get used to!  LOL

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