Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too full of pieces...

I'm pretty lucky in that I have access to a lot of inspirational stories where I work.  Today a new one came across my desk.  The section which totally reverberated with me was this:

"...Even when what we most want or need is right there in front of us, we refuse to let go of the garbage so we can grasp the wonderful...Our hands are too full of detritus to grasp the new way that God sets before us."

It then goes on...

"...What do we have to lose?  ...  Sometimes it's because we're too full of anxiety about trying something new - what if it doesn't work?  For many of us, we really are in a place of not having anything left to lose.  Experimenting is the only possible way out of the valley into which we have wandered.  Opening our hands so we can grasp something new is the only way to find out."

"My prayer for you is that you would take stock of what you are carrying around that prevents you from reaching out to grasp that which God has placed in front of you."

Lots to think about there.  I carry a lot of pieces around.

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