Sunday, October 16, 2011

There are too many adjectives for today...

I've had one of those crazy inspirational and wonderful days.  Wow.

We had church this morning.  Which was sort of meh.  Boring sermon.

We taught Sunday School  - "Actor's Alley".  The kiddo and one other boy were the only two who chose to come to our station but man did we have fun!

I went for my Week 6, Day 1 run.  It SUCKED GIANT BALLS.  Holy crap.  Seriously brutal.  As my running partner said, "It was humbling which was probably a good thing.  I finished our 20 minute run and felt ready to run a 5K right then and there."  Which I totally agree with.  Humbling doesn't begin to explain it. the midst of it completely and totally sucking - neither of us quit.  SO THERE!  It was horrible but we just kept asking our bodies to do one more step and our bodies complied.  Awesome!

Came home for about 15 minutes to a sick kiddo whose asthma is flaring.  Ugh.  But this time around we have her peak flow monitor so we can tell if it's in her lungs.  Being prepared helps me know if it's time to get serious about the inhaler or not which is something we struggled with 6 months ago.  Her fever went up to 102.6 but came back down before bed.  I hate when she's sick.

Headed off to a rehearsal for a staged reading about breast cancer.  Really a beautiful piece put together from the real journals of survivors.  Universal and specific all in one.  And really a cool experience to give life to someone's personal journalling words. 

Then out to dinner with a friend who is also in the reading.  Espresso martini, panini, profiterole and rich decaf coffee.  Wonderful.  Wonderful.  Wonderful.

Home to a kiddo feeling a smidge better and to a hubby who is going to work on getting some flowers donated to the staged reading event next week.  :) 

I have been on the go all day.  But every component (aside from the sick kiddo!!) has been such am intense part of the bigger picture.  I'm content and fulfilled and rejuevenated.

What a wonderful life.


  1. Life is too short for decaf. Otherwise sounds like a fine day!

  2. Love this. Aside from the sick kiddo. And the boring sermon. Can't tell you how many times I have tried to pay attention, given up, and meditated & prayed instead.

  3. The night is too long for caff at 6pm. LMAO!

    Yeah, the sermon thing. Usually he's just awesome. But too much about about money this week.