Thursday, October 20, 2011

New post...Hmmm...

I'm emerging from the cloudy time warp of having a sick kid.  Thank goodness she's finally better.  Fever started Sunday and didn't break until last night.  FOUR DAYS of it.  Which meant missing three school days.  Which meant the hubby and I had to have the big discussion/frustration of "Can't YOU take today off?"  Despite me needing to get sort of pissed off about it, we worked it out.  I hate that component of being a working Mom.  I'm eternally grateful I am allowed to use sick time to care for her, but still.  It's hard and stressful when all you really should be worrying about is being kind and wonderful to your sick kid.

So, what did that mean for the week - aside from the balancing act of trying to be respectful of my spouse while demanding he be respectful of me?  It meant I had to change my running day from Tuesday to Wednesday.  As you know, I'm not the most flexible lady in the universe.  I was worried that by switching it I'd get all off track.  Doomsday OCD stuff of course.  So, I started getting my plan together for Wednesday just in case she was sick again.  And she was.  Treadmill it would have to be.  And I took all morning to get ok with it.  And I was.

Then my Mom called and asked if she could take the kiddo to convalesce at her house so I could go get my run in.


This is noteworthy because it's just not like my Mom to do that.  I tend to get sidelined because I've been deemed "capable".  Getting them to watch the kid is oftentimes challenging.  So, for her to volunteer was a pretty big deal to me.  Especially because it was so I could go do something "selfish".

I didn't have therapy this week due to a conflict with the therapist's schedule, so we went out running during that time instead.  It all just worked out perfectly. 

Forced flexibility.  Sometimes that's just how it has to go.


  1. i hope your wee one is feeling much better x

  2. Thank you! She's still trying to kick the fever for good, but at least she's well enough to go to school now. That's good for EVERYONE! LOL