Friday, November 25, 2011

Updates are coming! I promise!!

I haven't abandoned you all!  :)  CRAZINESS around here - some highlights to keep you up to date:

Ran my 5K and met BOTH my goals!  (Running the whole thing and finishing faster than 44:59)

I've been cast in another show!  Yet another obnoxious comic sidekick.  LOL

In my innaugural sessions with my new "happy light"....liking it so far!

Thanksgiving!  Always entertaining with family in the mix

Going to be having a new niece or nephew in June!

Tomorrow we head out of town to celebrate with the inlaws....then things should settle enough for me to give full updates.  Until then, things are going swell, so don't worry that the lack of updating is for anything bad!  I'll be baaaahk!

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