Thursday, December 1, 2011

The updates! As promised! have you been?  LOL  I don't know.  I needed a lead in.


So there's that.

AND, not only did I run it - I ran it without stopping to walk even once, I ran the last 1.1 miles faster than the first two AND I ran it in under 44:59.  42:11 to be completely precise.

I'm totally a bad ass.

Empowered doesn't even begin to touch on how I felt after crossing the finish line.  That was amazing.  ANd motivating.  And exhilirating.  Really really just proud.  It's hard to describe.  But it's amazing.

As a reward, my body decided I could have a crazy ass shin splint as a souvineer.  It's nice like that.  So, I'm working through that hurdle as well as figuring out what happens next.  I'm figuring out what the "balance" is going to be without a specific goal.  This is where it runs the possibility of getting hard for a person with Edie's brain.

I've never been real successful with balancing exercise.  This time I'm keeping extremely mindful of keeping running for FUN and for nothing else.  As my therapist said, if it becomes even a little bit about weight loss or physical appearance change, I need to quit.  Or at the very least, regroup.  And finding this zen place with still only needing to go run three days a week will also be challenging as well, that whole all or nothing thing creeps up.

So far, I'm OK.  But it's been a week.  LOL  All I can do is try and embrace the support around me to keep from getting crazy.

More to come on the rest!

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