Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thanks, universe, for deciding it for me!

At my appointment two weeks ago, my nutritionist brought up the idea of me starting to only see her one a MONTH instead of every two weeks. And, true to form with me, I totally freaked out. LOL I didn't know if I was ready even though I sort of knew I was ready - if that makes ANY sense. Any step down in frequency is considered great progress and I embraced that, but I just got a little nervous about the accountability piece - going in every two weeks means I HAVE to keep up on my meal planning and stuff or I go in and feel like a loser. LOL (Not really, but you know.) So, I told her that I wanted to keep my next appointment two weeks from then so I could think it over and then we could decide then.

Today was supposed to be that appointment and I just got a call that she's sick and out of the office. I absolutely had the option of rescheduling even as soon as tomorrow, but EEEEEEEEK! I'm going for it.

A month in between nutritionist appointments. 

Totally exciting and empowering and motivating and a smidge scary. But that's par for the course so far. Days like today reinforce that I'm doing it. I'm really, really doing it even though the dance takes its different paces and directions.

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