Friday, September 30, 2011

Invasion of the body snatchers.....

I think I've turned into a runner! 

How did that happen so quickly??!  I'm LOVING my C25K training.  Aside from the first day and the run last week where we didn't take our rest day, it      Amazing what a change of mindset can do.

Running to me before starting treatment was something I could never be good enough at and was something I did to punish myself for eating.  But I've always sort of WANTED to learn to run.  I mean, the people who run, generally, seem to be enjoying themselves.  So, by making it fun and not a punishment or something I just knew I was going to fail it, it opened a door.

I may not be the fastest or the prettiest runner you'll ever see, but I can honestly say, "I don't care."  I'm loving it.  Loving how accomplished I feel when I get another session out of the way.  Loving feeling my body being able to take on me challenging it.  Loving knowing that I CAN do it if I just get out of my own way.  It's like a whole different person is living inside my head these days.

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