Monday, September 12, 2011

And on another note...Eviction notice served.

UGH!  What the heck is the magnetic attraction I have to that damn scale.  I went for YEARS without having one and just went by how my body felt and fit into clothes.  I mean, I was totally curious about what my weight was during that period, but if you don't have a scale, you don't have a scale.

Tomorrow will be Day #3 of the Couch to 5K program I'm doing.  The first two days were a blast!  I'm running with two friends who are commited but slow non-runny type people just like me.  I felt fabulous after my run yesterday, I feel fabulous still today.  I feel strong and positive and capable and that I can totally make it to the 5K part of the process.

So, tell me WHY I felt the need to get on the scale last night to see if I'd lost any weight and when I hadn't, in fact, lost 40 pounds from running twice I felt a twinge of disappointment.

I'm not even DOING IT to lose weight!  I'm doing it to see if I can.  Stupid friggin' scale and its hypnotic magnetism. 

Today the scale will find a new home at my parents' house.  I'd say it could go to the basement, but I'm not there yet.  The pull is too great and I'm not ready yet.  And that's OK.  Just own where I'm at in the process and evict the scale. 

I'm excited for tomorrow's weigh in-free run!

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