Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What do you know? I have instincts. HEALTHY instincts!

Wowsa!  FABULOUS session with my Nutritionist today!  FABULOUS!  She was super excited with how much I've gained in food confidence in the week as well as with the instincts I'm feeling and trusting.  WOOOOOOOOOO!

What we'll be looking at for the next week:

Continuing on with the "Food Box".   She was totally excited about how many choices I was able to come up with and the fact that I was able to fill out a whole week of meal plan.  AND was excited that, at least for now, I'm feeling very "fluid" with the foods that are on there in case of any unplanned changes that might pop up.

Establishing a more "prescriptive" plan in terms of eating at certain times no matter what.  I clearly am having issues with understanding hunger cues.  I have no idea if it's me missing them or misinterpreting them at this point.  SOoooooooo....I'm to eat Breakfast within two hours of waking, snack by 11am, lunch by 1pm, afternoon snack by 4pm and supper by 6pm.  We'll do that for a while to get my body trusting it WILL get food consistantly and then hopefully *I* will start trusting hunger cues.

I still have a handout re:hunger cues to journal on as well.

I have new handouts from a book called "Eating Mindfully" which I will read in the next day or two as well.

Whew.  I feel GREAT today.

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