Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It will not win.

Today's a day where good ol' ED REEEEEEEEEALLY wants to be right.  SUPER lucky for me, he's got support from people of the world who are doing his dirty work for him - writing things he tries to tell me that I'm learning to block out when it's from ED.  It's a hell of a lot harder to block those messages out when they come from "friends". 

So, what am I doing?  I'm reiterating that just because these are the truths of ED and other people, they don't have to be MY truth.  And they AREN'T my truth.  I understand they are judging me without knowing or caring who I am and what my path or journey is.....all I am is an overweight person in their eyes and have no value.

Sad for them that they're wrong.  Great for me because this just exposes to me the people and voices that DO have a place in my life.  It's so much easier when they out themselves.

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